Diverdeinverde 2017, the fourth edition

The Diverdeinverde weekend was a success again this year. We were concerned about the weather forecast, not so much for the tours of the gardens but for the outdoor events. To our immense joy, however, Saturday came and went without a drop of rain. In the morning the meeting on “Domestic Gardens” was conducted in a festive climate, and the reading of passages from literary works at Villa Belpoggio Hercolani, with a breath-taking view of the city, brought the day to a magnificent close. Sunday was wonderful.

The tours of the gardens were calm and the queues that formed for some of them were never too long. The concerts, lectures and conferences were interesting and enthralling. In the streets of the centre and the roads in the foothills, people’s faces expressed satisfaction and what can be defined as a “relaxed frenzy” to see as many gardens as possible, enjoy the surprises they have to offer, talk to the owners, and exchange impressions and suggestions with friends and acquaintances.

This year’s event attracted 5,200 visitors to nearly 50 gardens, and, as we had announced, we will unquestionably be able to allocate part of the revenue to commence work to restore the belvedere of Villa Aldini and the woods below it.

Again this year, we are grateful to the owners of the gardens, organizations, institutes, museums, companies, associations, the young people wearing the Diverdeinverde T-shirts, the volunteer ecological guards, the musicians from the Teatro Comunale and the other artists who gave us a hand, and all the people of Bologna and the Emilian, Italian and foreign tourists who participated in the event, visiting the gardens with their usual sense of respect and enduring enthusiasm. This is a feast for the eyes and an example of culture and civility that makes us proud, year after year.

The next rendezvous for Diverdeinverde has been scheduled for 18–20 May 2018, and we will immediately start to work on it with the aim of creating a fifth year of this event that will be memorable, and full of surprises and innovations.


Diverdeinverde is a project curated by the Villa Ghigi Foundation, conceived of and staged in collaboration with Silvia Cuttin. General coordination: Mino Petazzini and Silvia Cuttin.

Collaborators: Angela Antropoli, Emanuela Rondoni, Teresa Guerra, Silvia Salvatorelli, Paolina Ceccarelli, Ivan Bisetti, Valentina Bergonzoni, Irene Salvaterra, Isabella Fabbri (IBC Regione Emilia-Romagna), Fiorella De Leo (Garden Club Camilla Malvasia).

Coordinated image: Gloria Pernat, Riccardo Mazzoli.

Website: Camilla De Leo, Silvia Cuttin, Mino Petazzini.


We are grateful above all to the owners who have so generously and freely participated in the event by opening their gardens.

Special thanks go to the organizations, companies, associations and many friends that, in various ways, have helped us prepare and stage this event.

Comune di Bologna, Bologna Welcome, BAC – Bologna Ambiente Comune, Università di Bologna, Regione Emilia Romagna, Istituto Beni Culturali dell’Emilia-Romagna, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Camera di Commercio di Bologna, Confcommercio ASCOM, Unindustria Bologna, FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano – Delegazione di Bologna, Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane – Sezione Emilia-Romagna, AIAPP Triveneneto ed Emilia-Romagna, Gardenia, Garden Club Camilla Malvasia, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, Coop Alleanza 3.0, Assicoop Bologna, Gruppo HERA, NaturaSì, Flò Fiori, Museo Civico del Risorgimento, Museo di Casa Carducci, Museo della Musica, Collezioni Comunali d’Arte, Museo della Tappezzeria, Associazione8cento, Ad Alta Voce, Pio Istituto Sordomute Povere, Bonifica Renana, Fondazione Zucchelli, Comitato Torleoneinsieme, Fondazione Gualandi, ASPPI.

Lilia Battaglia, Silvia Battistini, Giancarlo Benevolo, Alessia Branchi, Alice Brignani, Fiorella De Leo, Roberto Diolaiti, Giovanni Facchinetti Pulazzini, Mario Ferrara, Mattia Fontanella, Marina Forni, Paola Galletti, Cristina Giardini, Stefania Guidi, Alessandro Hercolani, Marinella Maleti, Greta Malusardi, Alice Manfredini, Patrizia Minghetti, Carlo Pagani, Piergiorgio Rocchi, Patrik Romano, Massimiliano Rusconi, Otello Sangiorgi, Simonetta Santucci, Jenny Servino, Giancarlo Tonelli, Bruno Vicentini.

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