Open gardens of Bologna’s city and hills

As hoped for, the weather was fantastic and the event, launched by the fascinating conference held by botanist Carlo Ferrari, saw a crescendo of visitors (over 2,000) who, from Friday to Sunday, roamed the centre of Bologna, programme in hand, so they’d be sure not to miss the green gems opening their doors. The gardens in the hillsides attracted numerous people – some of whom used the shuttle bus – and they were immensely popular, as were the shows, concerts, conferences and other events. Late Sunday afternoon the visit to the Orti di Orfeo served as a symbolic ending with the city of yore and the one of today, which almost overlap each other in a joyful and incredulous atmosphere. The impression confirmed by the many positive comments heard over the course of the three-day event is that Diverdeinverde was a well-received idea and that everything was conducted in the best way possible.

We were happy to offer such a wonderful opportunity to get to know a unique and especially attractive side of Bologna. We are immensely grateful to the owners of the gardens, organizations, companies, associations, volunteer ecological guards, the young people who gave us a hand, and all those who participated with respect and enthusiasm.


Diverdeinverde is a project curated by the Villa Ghigi Foundation, conceived of and staged in collaboration with Silvia Cuttin.

General coordination: Mino Petazzini and Silvia Cuttin.

Collaborators: Angela Antropoli, Paolo Donati, Emanuela Rondoni, Teresa Guerra, Silvia Salvatorelli, Ivan Bisetti, Isabella Fabbri (IBC Regione Emilia-Romagna), Fiorella De Leo (Garden Club Camilla Malvasia).

Coordinated image: Gloria Pernat.

Website: Paolo Donati.


Special thanks go to the owners, who have so generously and freely participated in the event by opening their gardens.

Special thanks also go to the organizations, companies and many friends that, in various ways, have helped us prepare and stage this event.

We are especially grateful to Mirko Alboresi, Alessandro Alessandrini, Maria Luisa Boriani, Pinuccia Camellini, Fabio Cocchi, Roberto Diolaiti, Mauro Felicori, Carlo Ferrari, Anna Fiorini, Mattia Fontanella, Marina Forni, Paola Giovetti, Claudia Gobbi, Alice Manfredini, Filippo Marsigli, Cesare Marzocchi, Alessia Masi, Alberto Minelli, Raffaella Palmieri, Piergiorgio Rocchi, Patrik Romano, Tiziana Sassoli, Patrizia Tassinari, Claudia Tonelli Rossi, Daniele Torreggiani, Paola Valli Papini, Simona Ventura, Angeli alle Fermate del Teatro dei Mignoli, Galleria Fondantico, Galleria Forni, Gruppo Social Street di Via Fondazza.

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