Diverdeinverde Off is the approach we invented to propose events – both free and for a fee – to go alongside the main event in May, devoted to the city’s private gardens. They are held with the same spirit but at other times of the year and sometimes also outside Bologna. We started this past April with the initiative on the wisterias that blossom in the city, and we were delighted by the number of participants (over 13,000 views of the map). We will do this again next year and further develop it. But we also know that around Bologna, in the valley as well as the hills and mountain areas, there are countless magnificent green places worth discovering, even just once in a lifetime, but that are not close enough to the city to be included in the Diverdeinverde programme, in which there are so many gardens to visit in a little less than three days.

Where wisterias blossom, in Bologna