The first initiative of Diverdeinverde Off was Where the wisterias blossom, an itinerary to discover the wisterias that bloom in April, bringing beauty and lovely scents to the city. In the language of flowers, in China and Japan wisteria symbolizes friendship and openness, and in the West it also means gratitude. These are feelings that fully reflect Diverdeinverde, an event that beautifully brings together all three.

We have pinpointed some of the most spectacular specimens in Bologna, which are visible from the streets, and we have created an initial map (shown here) of where they are located in the city.

You sent in numerous reports and some of the magnificent plants have been mentioned time and again. The mapping of the wisterias has yielded excellent results, and we can enrich and complete it together next year. There are nearly 200 “wisteria points” on the map, and there were nearly 13,000 views of the map. We like to think that many people grasped the opportunity to take a walk to enjoy the wisterias over the past few weeks, choosing the streets with the most blossoms.

Thank you to everyone who chose to participate in this initiative, even just by walking through the city while looking up for the view!

We are grateful to Irene Enriques for her suggestion, which inspired this initiative.