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The Villa Ghigi Foundation, which continues the twenty-year experience of the centre named after it, was established in 2001 by the Municipality of Bologna, the Province of Bologna and the University of Bologna. Over the course of more than thirty years, its environmental education activities have made it one of the most active and best-known regional and national centres. Today it is one of the centres of excellence in the network for education on sustainability in the Region of Emilia-Romagna and it participates in Bologna Ambiente Comune, the multicentre for education on sustainability of the Municipality of Bologna.

The foundation has always set educational activities alongside its great commitment to circulate awareness about the natural, historical and landscape aspects of the area of Bologna and Emilia in general, the organization of events on the environment, and collaboration in environmental analysis, plans and projects.

For about ten years, the foundation has been involved in managing the Villa Ghigi Park, with the aim of making it an example of the Bologna foothills and an increasingly attractive venue for its educational and cultural experiences, as well as a place for delightful strolls to enjoy the outdoors. Owned by the municipality and open to the public since 1975, it has offered intense environmental education activities since 1982. It is close to the centre of Bologna, but enjoys a hillside setting. The villa is named after its last private owners, notably Alessandro Ghigi (1875–1970), a leading figure in the city’s scientific and academic circles, and a forerunner in the protection of natural settings in Italy.

Fondazione Villa Ghigi
Via San Mamolo, 105 – 40136 Bologna
051 3399084 / 3399120